A company history based on professionalism and product quality. Find out more about ASSCAB and the certifications it has obtained!

Founded in 1995, ASSCAB operates successfully in the industrial electronics sector and specializes in the production of all kinds of wiring systems.
In 2005 the Company expanded its activities to the railway sector, in 2008 to easy moving and lighting and in 2010 to photovoltaics.
The professionalism of its organization and the quality of its manufactured products have allowed the Company to acquire over time increasingly important and qualifying markets, thus winning a leading position in its reference sector.
In 2002, after successfully completing an important objective aimed at improving its organizational and qualitative structure, ASSCAB obtained the Certification of its Quality System, now updated in compliance with the new UNI EN ISO Standards in an integrated format together with the safety management system, in addition to the UL Certification that complies with safety standards for exports to the North American market.
To date, ASSCAB continues to evolve and pursue the needs of its reference market, with the ongoing objective of meeting its customers’ needs to the full.

“An organization that is always young and professionally prepared, that represents the cornerstone of the organizational structure of ASSCAB, and that is always ready to welcome customers and deal with communications and any requests they might make. The Company has a qualified technical and quality department always ready to assist and deal with the needs of customers and internal staff engaged in the production processes.”