State-of-the-art machinery, warehouses for managing goods and quality controls at every stage of production: find out more about ASSCAB installations


Sophisticated control systems installed on each automatic machine and tensile tests conducted with appropriate equipment (by sampling all production batches) guarantee the perfect suitability and quality of the crimping processes performed.


ASSCAB can guarantee thorough controls and tests run by qualified operators on the entire production process. The company certifies the conformity of its products thanks to the quality system it obtained in 2002, which has been updated in line with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. In 2013 it obtained environmental certification which has been updated to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard in an integrated system together with the safety management system.

ASSCAB is also UL certified (file E229130) and makes compliant products in line with the ZPFW2 and ZPFW8 standards.


Schleuniger and Samec automatic machines enable ASSCAB to prepare wirings with shielded and multipolar cables of up to 30 mm in diameter, sheathed cables, round and flat cables and power cables of up to 240 mm2.

Conversely, Komax and Wirmec automatic machines enable wiring with single or double crimping, with twisting and tinning, inkjet marking and inclusion of rubber or faston covers, processing of cables of up to 30 AWG and terminals for 1.00 mm connectors.


ASSCAB focuses its attention on production flexibility, made possible by the wide range of equipment and machinery at its disposal, in addition to those already listed (manual crimping presses, pneumatic and electric grippers for working power cables, banding machines, binders, a semi-automatic machine for mounting connectors on flat cables, hot melt co-moulding machines, etc.)

To broaden its range of services, ASSCAB also provides an assembly service of various kinds, supplying electronic boards and mechanical or plastic components made by highly specialized and professional partner companies.


A warehouse with over three thousand different raw materials, supplied by the most highly-qualified manufacturers in the industry (Tyco, Molex, Lumberg, JST, JAE, Delphi, Weidmuller, Wieland, Hirose, Cinch, FCI, Harting, Sienon, Binder, Phoenix, Stocko … ..), makes sure that ASSCAB has secure supplies and can offer flexibility in its manufacturing process, in addition to guaranteeing an immediate response to every type of customer request.

In addition, various production warehouses (including an automatic one) mean that operators can cut the time they spend in collecting the necessary materials and parts for manufacturing products. The system also ensures more accurate monitoring of the entire production process.